you might have heard that i’m writing a letter a day in 2019.

if you (like me) do not have 365 different friends to write letters to, here are some ideas:

tell the check out lady who always grins at you how you how beautiful her smile is 

send a comedic prose to your first boyfriend (or girlfriend) ragarding the joke of middle school romance 

call (write) your mom 

call (write) your mom 

call (write) your mom 

call (write) your mom 

tell someone who is like a mom to you that they are like a mom to you 

tell a visual artist the you admire that you admire them 

tell a musician you admire the same 

write the author of your favorite book. let your favorite writer read your writing about why their writing is your favorite

write a note to your mailman, perhaps the most deserving recipient of a letter 

write your grandparents (before they die). if they already have, still write them. they can read it from somewhere else 

write the man you met on a train. tell him you were thankful for your conversation 

write your doctor. tell him thank you, even if he hasn’t helped you (yet) 

tell your first friend about the memoirs of early friendship 

tell your best friend what you love about them 

tell your oldest friend that they are your oldest friend 

write your dad

write your dad 

write your dad. include some dad-worthy jokes 

write someone who is like a dad to you. tell them that they are like a dad to you 

write a letter to a newborn baby

tell the children you babysit the things that you see in them 

tell a teacher who impacted you that you still think of them 

tell someone who thaught you something that they taught you something 

forgive someone you need to forgive 

apologize to someone you never sorted things out with 

tell your current professor the thoughts they have provoked in you 

thank the TJ Maxx clerk who helped you find your keys

write your little sister. tell her she is beautiful 

send the farmer you buy your produce from a recipe using his vegetables 

write a letter to yourself